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We are extremely excited to announce the casting of Tyler Chase, as The Alpha in “Seven Days ‘Till Midnight”!

The Alpha, is best described as a mysterious character. He is a transient of sorts, with a giant sized chip on his shoulder. His glaring characteristic is his jealousy regarding his companion. He’s got an aggressive attitude that he wears with conviction, regardless of the consequences it brings.

Tyler Chase is best known for his recurring role as Ben on AMC’s The Walking Dead, along with a guest appearance on Fox’s Sleepy Hollow. He will also be guest starring in the second upcoming season of the PlayStation driven show Powers, coming this summer.

Tyler got his start in acting at Brevard Academy, and went on to star in his first feature film, Dead Air, which was shot locally in Brevard. Playing a crazed wheelchair-ridden soothsayer, it was on the set of Dead Air that Tyler first met Director James Suttles, and they have connected and collaborated ever since.

As a teenager, Tyler moved to Los Angeles and spent five years honing his craft, starring in commercials for Pepsi, Sears and KFC and television and film roles including iCarlyThe Ultimate Life and The Between. Afterwards, he spent time training at the the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London, then returned to North Carolina where he spent two years studying Meisner technique in Asheville.

Also known for his electronic music produced under the name Cryptex, Tyler was hired by MTV and to create the custom sound design for each nomination category in the 2014 Video Music Awards. He has released three albums including his most current EP, Nightwatch.

Currently living in Los Angeles, Tyler is excited to return home to North Carolina to participate in Seven Days ‘Till Midnight, and once again work with Director James Suttles and Associate Producer Tamara Hopkins, on a production that pays tribute to the amazing natural surroundings that make Transylvania County stand out.

For a complete list of Tyler’s credits, visit WWW.IMDB.COM.

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