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We here at Seven Days ‘Till Midnight are incredibly excited to announce the latest addition to the crew, our Production Designer, Shane Meador.

James and Shane have been looking for an opportunity to work together again for over a decade and we are fortunate to have him joining the family.

“Seven Days Till Midnight is a world of subtle magic, grounded in domestic and natural reality. The audience will feel something under the surface, but like Harmon, they may at first overlook the deeper underpinnings. Their understanding will grow as Harmon’s does and on repeat viewings, the audience will notice ties between Harmon and Bill’s respective homes. There will be patterns in the landscape, both natural and manmade. It’s the subtle magic of real life evident to those willing to see.” 

As Production Designer, Shane Meador is tasked with bringing the world of Seven Days to life.

ABOUT SHANE: Shane is an Emmy winning designer and filmmaker with twenty years of Art Department experience, from studio features to micro-budgets, but he’s pursued work in every department, as it improves cross collaboration. He produced and designed Quiet River for director Paul Schattel, and Black Curtain for musician Ben Lovett. His award winning theatrical set designs have been seen off-Broadway and at the Kennedy Center. He created a 35 minute silent film to accompany a live operetta, Little Match Girl. Threaded through his work is a passion for the relationship between people and their environments. More of his design work may be seen here: Portfolio.