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We are very excited to announce that Emily Shaules has accepted the role of The Pastor in Seven Days ‘Till Midnight!

The Pastor heads a service in the story. She is wise and learned in her calling. She practices compassion both in her presence and her speech. She is present when Harmon is at his lowest of lows in the story.

Emily Shaules is a lawyer-turned-actor and entrepreneur. A late-comer to acting, Emily dove in feet first and rapidly began working in the Southeast, including guest spots on TV’s Nashville and Devious Maids, a lead role in cable’s Your Worst Nightmare, and a Best Actress Award in Asheville’s 2015 48-Hour Film Festival. She was also recently cast as Esther DeBerdt Reed in Yorktown Museum’s new video collection, an honor she is deeply grateful for considering Reed’s significant role in the American Revolution.

Emily’s commitment to the craft of acting drives her and she gives back by mentoring a class at the Screen Artists Co-op, a place that changed her life forever. Emily continues her own work there with her mentor, Jon Menick.

Emily is also the founder and CSO (Chief Shift Officer) of Shift Bars, the world’s first organic energy bar with only 1 gram of sugar. Emily’s passion for natural health came from her own experience healing herself of many illnesses naturally. She can’t wait for the bars to be in stores in 2016.

Emily lives in Asheville, NC with her partner, Lucas.

For a complete list of Emily’s credits, visit WWW.IMDB.COM.

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