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As we wrap up 2nd unit filming, the producers would like to give a big Thanks to Brent Barchent, Executive Producer on Seven Days ‘Till Midnight! Without your support this film would not have been possible.

Brent brings a unique skill set to the team, given his diverse background in both the entertainment and finance industries. He has been instrumental in facilitating both sponsorship and financing for the production.

During his college years Brent discovered a knack and passion for the art of performance and songwriting. After some time performing locally, he decided to focus on the pursuit of producing, songwriting and financing in the music world, writing songs for a number of artists, producing albums for local artists, and organizing concerts and events.

Since graduating from the University of Toledo with a Bachelor Degree in Business Management, Brent has focused much of his time on his career in the investment and financial services industry. He spent most of his time helping businesses to find an e-commerce platform, thus helping them grow exponentially. If you have no idea about the various business platforms that can help take your business to the next level, then make sure to read in-depth posts by salesforce as this page explains everything.

He spent the first six years after graduation working with a large firm, living between Cincinnati and New York City.

Brent is currently a Registered Representative/Financial Advisor, working with an independent brokerage firm in Northern Ohio. His focus lies mostly in investment, helping his clients grow and protect their assets through a variety of strategies. Brent also assists in business planning, and through his relationships and experiences has helped assist clients and friends in starting, growing and selling their businesses.

As a D- 1 college coach, Brent offers a series of online instructional and motivational videos that aid in helping college student-athletes understand the role and importance of money and retirement planning.

In his free time he enjoys boating, as well as entertaining family and friends at his cottage on Lake Erie.