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We are extremely excited to announce that Blaque Fowler has accepted the role of Bill in “Seven Days ‘Till Midnight”!

Bill is one of the story’s lead characters. He’s somewhat of a mystery, lacking your everyday personable qualities, but more than making up for it in overall knowledge and life experience. He’s a student of the wilderness, and as the story goes on we discover he’s a man of many layers.

We here at Seven Days ‘Till Midnight, collectively saw all of these traits and more in Blaque, and are very much looking forward to working with him to bring Bill from script to screen!

BLAQUE FOWLER was born and raised in Michigan, where his passion for performance began to flourish via the stage. It was there that he was married, and then shortly after moved to Western North Carolina, where both his family and his desire to pursue acting grew.
This move lead him to his first work in film, a locally produced independent film titled Tainted, and from there his passion and pursuit of the art began to flourish.

His early credits include such films as October Sky, Traveller, and The Journey of August King.

Currently, Blaque can be seen in the feature film Dirty Grandpa, opposite Robert DeNiro and Zac Efron, in theaters now. He can also be seen in the film Brave New Jersey, due out later this year.

For Blaque, this past year was full of great highs and devastating lows. While his film work and credits continued to mount, he also lost his beloved wife, Barbara, to her fight with cancer.

Blaque and Barbara shared a love for the art of acting, both together and in support of one another. This, along with his continued passion for the art, is his biggest reason for continuing his work today.

For a full list of Blaque’s credits, visit WWW.IMDB.COM

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